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Dr Poonam Arora Obstetrics Services


Pregnancy is one of the most important events of your life. It has its moments of excitement and anxiety. Dr Poonam Arora as your Personal Female Obstetrician will advise and encourage you during every step of pregnancy and delivery in a compassionate manner.

Dr Arora is happy to see you for pre-pregnancy councelling if there are complicated medical and personal issues.

Initial consultation is usually at 7-8 weeks of pregnancy which involves a medical history and examination. Blood tests and ultrasound are also organised at this stage. Your antenatal care and schedule of visitscan be organised at this stage. You will be seen every 4 weeks till 28 weeks and then fortnightly till 36 weeks and then weekly until delivery. You and your partner are involved in all decisions. Dr Arora spends time with you in the consultation and understands that you have questions about your pregnancy and is happy to answer them in person or via e-mail service appointments@drpoonamarora.com.au

Dr Arora delivers at

  • St John of God Hospital, Berwick
  • Waverley Private Hospital, Glen Waverley

It is advisable to able to book appointments early in your pregnancy and choose a hospital for your delivery. The reception staff will liaise with the hospitals to confirm your booking and a meeting will then be set up with yourself and the booking staff.

Antenatal classes are available in your booked hospital .

Congratulations on your pregnancy and we are looking forward to hear from you.